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"The Children of Otter" - the Vladimir Martynov's suite

22 APRIL 2011 at 23-00
at the Perm Academic Theatre - TEATR
The Perm Ministry of Culture and Mass Communications
Perm Region Philharmonics and GreenWave Music represent

the Vladimir Martynov's suite "THE CHILDREN OF OTTER"

The brightest ethno-music project within the "Made in Perm" series.

"THE CHILDREN OF OTTER" is the suite of the outstanding Russian composer Vladimir Martynov based on the poetry of Velimir Khlebnikov.

It is performed by Tatyana Grindenko's chamber string orchestra "Opus Posth.", Permian Academic Choir "Mlada" and the world famous Tuvan group "Huun-Huur-Tu".

Maestro Vladimir Martynov plays the grand-piano.

Do not miss the most powerful musical experience of this spring!

"The projects as "CHILDREN OF OTTER" help to break the conventional framework and to make a new step in the development (of music)". TV Russia - the CULTURE

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