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  • Buena Vista Social Club presentscachaito lopez, guajiro mirabal,jesus 'aguaje' ramos, manuel galban

    Buena Vista Social Club, the famous orchestra, became popular in the world in 1998 after a German director Wim Wenders released his film under the same title, which was later nominated for Oscar.

  • GreenWave Music Festival

    Fun-Da-Mental,Geoffrey Oryema,Pat Mastelotto, Garry Lucas, Nina Nastasial, Hazmat Modine,Warsaw Village Band.
  • Barry Adamson

    Barry Adamson, a well-known musician, former bass-player with Magazine, The Bad Seeds of Nick Cave, who composed soundtracks for David Lynch's films performed on the stage of the large and prestigious Moscow club Apelsin (Orange)...
  • Marc Almond

    Marc Almond (UK) - popular singer, known for his endeavor with Synthpop and New Wave duo Soft Cell. ...
  • John Cale

    John Cale (UK) - a famed musician, ex-guitarist of Velvet Underground, mesmerized the audience with his magic, old hits and new songs from his fresh EP Black Acetate were presented.
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