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GreenWave Music Festival

GreenWave Music Festival March, 29 - April, 16, Moscow - St.Petersburg Artists from Uganda, France, Germany, USA, Poland, Russia and beyond: Fun-Da-Mental, Geoffrey Oryema, Pat Mastelotto, Garry Lucas, Nina Nastasia, Hazmat Modine, Warsaw Village Band, Zeerock, Triband, Tony Levin, Farlanders, Olga Arefieva, Troitsa, Va-Ta-Ga, gave several hot concerts and inspirational jams in Moscow and St.Pete clubs. Some gigs took place within the framework of the Golden Mask theatrical Festival. Fun>Da>Mental (England, Pakistan) - stars of a hot mix of European hip-hop and Afro-Asian beats. Geoffrey Oryema (Uganda-France) - famous world music musician, his first album was produced by Brian Eno at Real World records, with musical and vocal contribution by Peter Gabriel. Pat Mastelotto (USA) - prominent drummer of Mister Mister and King Crimson. Gary Lucas and Gods & Monsters (USA) - an illustrious guitarist Captain Beffheart Magic Band, a Grammy nominee has performed with his side project, uniting such stars as Ernie Brooks of Modern Lovers, Billy Ficca of Television and Jerry Harrison of Talking Heads. Nina Nastasia (USA) - a 'female Kurt Cobain', performing 'mutant folk' and 'dark rock' came to Moscow along with Jim White of Dirty Three and Dylan Fitzgerald. Hazmat Modine (USA) - a spinning Jewish folk-rock-blues-and-reggae group from New York. Warsaw Village Band (Poland) - merry men performed folk dance melodies, ballads and rural songs. Sometimes their music is referred to as 'bio-techno'. Zeerock - former frontman of Red Elvises, a Russian-born, Texas-stationed singer and guitarist creates an incredible wall of sounds with the help of loop techniques. Triband (Germany) - a vibrant soft-pop trio Tony Levin (USA) - eminent bass-player with King Crimson and Peter Gabriel. Farlanders (Russia) - famous ethno-rock group with Inna Zhelannaya as a charismatic vocalist, received Grand-Prix of Radio France International, appeared on "One World" compilation of "Putumayo World Music", performed at WOMEX in Stockholm. Troitsa (Byelorussia) - a folk-trio, using traditional instruments has intensively toured through Europe. Va-Ta-Ga (Karelia) melts Slavic and Finno-Ugric musical traditions in the ethno-ambient and folk-jazz pot.
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